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The present and future of web publishing and maintenance is WebDAV (Web Digital Authoring and Versioning). WebDAV is an Internet standard created in 1998 to replace FTP and other proprietary solutions.

You can learn more from the WebDAV Resources page at:

Atarex Communications is committed to making web publishing accessible and secure to our clients. We strongly endorse WebDAV as the primary method to maintain a web site. If you have special needs for security, workflow approval, revision control, or legacy web publishing options, please contact us.

WebDAV Clients

You may already have all that you need because WebDAV has been built into most modern desktop operating systems!

Windows 98 has Web Folders while Windows ME/2000/XP has My Network Places. They are located under the "My Computer" desktop icon, but please see the msft product errata.

Mac OS X: Connect to Server command from the Finder or press Command K. Apple describes WebDAV as a standard networking feature called a desktop mount.

Linux Desktops: GNOME and KDE (webdavs://server/dir/filename.extender).

Free WebDAV client programs:

All of the above work well for manipulating lots of files, because they work like regular folders on your hard drive. The following WebDAV clients are much better for creating and editing a single web page at a time:

Free multiplatform client: Mozilla supports Publishing to a WebDAV server with it's Composer page editor, available for multiple Mac, Unix, and Windows platforms. More importantly, Mozilla supports secure https:// WebDAV publishing and works well with CSS. We recommend Mozilla for everyone. In addtion, Open Office 1.x and it's successors work as well.

On Linux: Nvu is an extended, stand alone project based on Mozilla Composer.

Commercial clients: Macromedia's Dreamweaver 3.x, Adobe's Acrobat 5.x, PhotoShop 6.x, FramerMaker 7.x, & GoLive 5.x, Microsoft's Office 2000 (FrontPage?), and all of these product's successors.

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